TaskDialogIndirect function (commctrl.h)

The TaskDialogIndirect function creates, displays, and operates a task dialog. The task dialog contains application-defined icons, messages, title, verification check box, command links, push buttons, and radio buttons. This function can register a callback function to receive notification messages.


HRESULT TaskDialogIndirect(
  [in]            const TASKDIALOGCONFIG *pTaskConfig,
  [out, optional] int                    *pnButton,
  [out, optional] int                    *pnRadioButton,
  [out, optional] BOOL                   *pfVerificationFlagChecked


[in] pTaskConfig


Pointer to a TASKDIALOGCONFIG structure that contains information used to display the task dialog.

[out, optional] pnButton

Type: int*

Address of a variable that receives either:

  • one of the button IDs specified in the pButtons member of the pTaskConfig parameter
  • one of the following values:
Value Description
0 Function call failed. Refer to return value for more information.
IDCANCEL Cancel button was selected, Alt-F4 was pressed, Escape was pressed or the user clicked on the close window button.
IDNO No button was selected.
IDOK OK button was selected.
IDRETRY Retry button was selected.
IDYES Yes button was selected.

If this parameter is NULL, no value is returned.

[out, optional] pnRadioButton

Type: int*

Address of a variable that receives one of the button IDs specified in the pRadioButtons member of the pTaskConfig parameter. If this parameter is NULL, no value is returned.

[out, optional] pfVerificationFlagChecked

Type: BOOL*

Address of a variable that receives one of the following values.

Value Description
TRUE The verification checkbox was checked when the dialog was dismissed.
FALSE The verification checkbox was not checked when the dialog was dismissed.

If this parameter is NULL, the verification checkbox is disabled.

Return value


This function can return one of these values.

Return code Description
The operation completed successfully.
There is insufficient memory to complete the operation.
One or more arguments are not valid.
The operation failed.


When you use a task dialog box to indicate that the system is low on memory, the strings pointed to by the various string and icon members in the TASKDIALOGCONFIG structure should not be taken from a resource file since an attempt to load the resource may fail.

If you create a task dialog while a dialog box is present, use a handle to the dialog box as the hWndParent parameter. The hWndParent parameter should not identify a child window, such as a control in a dialog box.

The parent window should not be hidden or disabled when this function is called.

int nButtonPressed                  = 0;
TASKDIALOGCONFIG config             = {0};
const TASKDIALOG_BUTTON buttons[]   = { 
                                        { IDOK, L"Change password" }
config.cbSize                       = sizeof(config);
config.hInstance                    = hInst;
config.dwCommonButtons              = TDCBF_CANCEL_BUTTON;
config.pszMainIcon                  = TD_WARNING_ICON;
config.pszMainInstruction           = L"Change Password";
config.pszContent                   = L"Remember your changed password.";
config.pButtons                     = buttons;
config.cButtons                     = ARRAYSIZE(buttons);

TaskDialogIndirect(&config, &nButtonPressed, NULL, NULL);
switch (nButtonPressed)
    case IDOK:
        break; // the user pressed button 0 (change password).
    case IDCANCEL:
        break; // user canceled the dialog
        break; // should never happen


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows Vista [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header commctrl.h (include Commctrl.h)
Library Comctl32.lib
DLL Comctl32.dll (version 6)

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