CPLINFO structure (cpl.h)

Contains resource information and an application-defined value for a dialog box supported by a Control Panel application. The CPlApplet function of the Control Panel application returns this information to the Control Panel in response to a CPL_INQUIRE message.


typedef struct tagCPLINFO {
  int      idIcon;
  int      idName;
  int      idInfo;
  LONG_PTR lData;



Type: int

The resource identifier of the icon that represents the dialog box.


Type: int

The resource identifier of the string containing the short name for the dialog box. This name is intended to be displayed below the icon.


Type: int

The resource identifier of the string containing the description for the dialog box that is intended to be displayed when the application icon is selected.



A pointer to data defined by the application. When the Control Panel sends the CPL_DBLCLK and CPL_STOP messages, it passes this value back to your application.


If the icon or display strings of the dialog box can change based on the state of the computer, you can specify the CPL_DYNAMIC_RES value for the idIcon, idName, or idInfo members rather than specifying a valid resource identifier. This causes the Control Panel to send the CPL_NEWINQUIRE message each time it needs the icon and display strings. Using this technique is significantly slower, however, because the Control Panel will need to load your application each time it sends the CPL_NEWINQUIRE message.


Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Header cpl.h