D3D10CalcSubresource function (d3d10.h)

Calculate a subresource index for a texture.


UINT D3D10CalcSubresource(
  [in] UINT MipSlice,
  [in] UINT ArraySlice,
  [in] UINT MipLevels


[in] MipSlice

Type: UINT

A zero-based index into an array of subtextures; 0 indicates the first, most detailed subtexture (or mipmap level).

[in] ArraySlice

Type: UINT

The zero-based index of the first texture to use (in an array of textures).

[in] MipLevels

Type: UINT

Number of mipmap levels (or subtextures) to use.

Return value

Type: inline UINT

The index which equals MipSlice + (ArraySlice * MipLevels).


A buffer is an unstructured resource and is therefore defined as containing a single subresource. APIs that take buffers do not need a subresource index. A texture on the other hand is highly structured. Each texture object may contain one or more subresources depending on the size of the array and the number of mipmap levels.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d10.h
Library D3D10.lib
DLL D3D10.dll

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