ID3D10Device::CreateShaderResourceView method (d3d10.h)

Create a shader-resource view for accessing data in a resource.


HRESULT CreateShaderResourceView(
  [in]  ID3D10Resource                        *pResource,
  [in]  const D3D10_SHADER_RESOURCE_VIEW_DESC *pDesc,
  [out] ID3D10ShaderResourceView              **ppSRView


[in] pResource

Type: ID3D10Resource*

Pointer to the resource that will serve as input to a shader. This resource must have been created with the D3D10_BIND_SHADER_RESOURCE flag.

[in] pDesc


Pointer to a shader-resource-view description (see D3D10_SHADER_RESOURCE_VIEW_DESC). Set this parameter to NULL to create a view that accesses the entire resource (using the format the resource was created with).

[out] ppSRView

Type: ID3D10ShaderResourceView**

Address of a pointer to an ID3D10ShaderResourceView. Set this parameter to NULL to validate the other input parameters (the method will return S_FALSE if the other input parameters pass validation).

Return value


This method returns one of the following Direct3D 10 Return Codes.


A resource is made up of one or more subresources, a view identifies which subresources to allow the pipeline to access. In addition, each resource is bound to the pipeline using a view. A shader-resource view is designed to bind any buffer or texture resource to the shader stages using the following API methods: VSSetShaderResources, GSSetShaderResources and PSSetShaderResources.

Since a view is fully typed, this means that typeless resources become fully typed when bound to the pipeline.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d10.h
Library D3D10.lib

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