ID3D10Device::GSSetShaderResources method (d3d10.h)

Bind an array of shader resources to the geometry shader stage.


void GSSetShaderResources(
  [in] UINT                     StartSlot,
  [in] UINT                     NumViews,
  [in] ID3D10ShaderResourceView * const *ppShaderResourceViews


[in] StartSlot

Type: UINT

Index into the device's zero-based array to begin setting shader resources to.

[in] NumViews

Type: UINT

Number of shader resources to set. Up to a maximum of 128 slots are available for shader resources.

[in] ppShaderResourceViews

Type: ID3D10ShaderResourceView*

Array of shader resource view interfaces to set to the device.

Return value



If you bind a subresource as an input and an output, this API will fill the destination shader resource slot with NULL. The debug layer (when active) will alert you if this is true.

For information about creating shader-resource views, see ID3D10Device::CreateShaderResourceView.

The method will not hold a reference to the interfaces passed in. For that reason, applications should be careful not to release an interface currently in use by the device.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d10.h
Library D3D10.lib

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