ID3D10Texture3D interface (d3d10.h)

A 3D texture interface accesses texel data, which is structured memory.


The ID3D10Texture3D interface inherits from ID3D10Resource. ID3D10Texture3D also has these types of members:


The ID3D10Texture3D interface has these methods.


Get the properties of the texture resource. (ID3D10Texture3D.GetDesc)

Get a pointer to the data contained in a subresource, and deny GPU access to that subresource. (ID3D10Texture3D.Map)

Invalidate the pointer to the resource retrieved by ID3D10Texture3D::Map, and re-enable the GPU's access to the resource.


To create an empty Texture3D resource, call ID3D10Device::CreateTexture3D. For more details on creating and loading textures, see Creating Texture Resources.

Textures cannot be bound directly to the pipeline; instead, a view must be created and bound. Using a view, texture data can be interpreted at run time within certain restrictions. To use the texture as a render target or depth-stencil resource, call ID3D10Device::CreateRenderTargetView, and ID3D10Device::CreateDepthStencilView, respectively. To use the texture as an input to a shader, create a by calling ID3D10Device::CreateShaderResourceView.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3d10.h

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