ID3D11Device::CreateInputLayout method (d3d11.h)

Create an input-layout object to describe the input-buffer data for the input-assembler stage.


HRESULT CreateInputLayout(
  [in]            const D3D11_INPUT_ELEMENT_DESC *pInputElementDescs,
  [in]            UINT                           NumElements,
  [in]            const void                     *pShaderBytecodeWithInputSignature,
  [in]            SIZE_T                         BytecodeLength,
  [out, optional] ID3D11InputLayout              **ppInputLayout


[in] pInputElementDescs


An array of the input-assembler stage input data types; each type is described by an element description (see D3D11_INPUT_ELEMENT_DESC).

[in] NumElements

Type: UINT

The number of input-data types in the array of input-elements.

[in] pShaderBytecodeWithInputSignature

Type: const void*

A pointer to the compiled shader. The compiled shader code contains a input signature which is validated against the array of elements. See remarks.

[in] BytecodeLength

Type: SIZE_T

Size of the compiled shader.

[out, optional] ppInputLayout

Type: ID3D11InputLayout**

A pointer to the input-layout object created (see ID3D11InputLayout). To validate the other input parameters, set this pointer to be NULL and verify that the method returns S_FALSE.

Return value


If the method succeeds, the return code is S_OK. See Direct3D 11 Return Codes for failing error codes.


After creating an input layout object, it must be bound to the input-assembler stage before calling a draw API.

Once an input-layout object is created from a shader signature, the input-layout object can be reused with any other shader that has an identical input signature (semantics included). This can simplify the creation of input-layout objects when you are working with many shaders with identical inputs.

If a data type in the input-layout declaration does not match the data type in a shader-input signature, CreateInputLayout will generate a warning during compilation. The warning is simply to call attention to the fact that the data may be reinterpreted when read from a register. You may either disregard this warning (if reinterpretation is intentional) or make the data types match in both declarations to eliminate the warning.

Windows Phone 8: This API is supported.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header d3d11.h
Library D3D11.lib

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