ID3D11DeviceContext::CSSetUnorderedAccessViews method (d3d11.h)

Sets an array of views for an unordered resource.


void CSSetUnorderedAccessViews(
  [in]           UINT                      StartSlot,
  [in]           UINT                      NumUAVs,
  [in, optional] ID3D11UnorderedAccessView * const *ppUnorderedAccessViews,
  [in, optional] const UINT                *pUAVInitialCounts


[in] StartSlot

Type: UINT

Index of the first element in the zero-based array to begin setting (ranges from 0 to D3D11_1_UAV_SLOT_COUNT - 1). D3D11_1_UAV_SLOT_COUNT is defined as 64.

[in] NumUAVs

Type: UINT

Number of views to set (ranges from 0 to D3D11_1_UAV_SLOT_COUNT - StartSlot).

[in, optional] ppUnorderedAccessViews

Type: ID3D11UnorderedAccessView*

A pointer to an array of ID3D11UnorderedAccessView pointers to be set by the method.

[in, optional] pUAVInitialCounts

Type: const UINT*

An array of append and consume buffer offsets. A value of -1 indicates to keep the current offset. Any other values set the hidden counter for that appendable and consumable UAV. pUAVInitialCounts is only relevant for UAVs that were created with either D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG_APPEND or D3D11_BUFFER_UAV_FLAG_COUNTER specified when the UAV was created; otherwise, the argument is ignored.

Return value



Windows Phone 8: This API is supported.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header d3d11.h
Library D3D11.lib

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