ID3D11ShaderReflectionVariable::GetInterfaceSlot method (d3d11shader.h)

Gets the corresponding interface slot for a variable that represents an interface pointer.


UINT GetInterfaceSlot(
  [in] UINT uArrayIndex


[in] uArrayIndex

Type: UINT

Index of the array element to get the slot number for. For a non-array variable this value will be zero.

Return value

Type: UINT

Returns the index of the interface in the interface array.


GetInterfaceSlot gets the corresponding slot in a dynamic linkage array for an interface instance. The returned slot number is used to set an interface instance to a particular class instance. See the HLSL Interfaces and Classes overview for additional information.

This method's interface is hosted in the out-of-box DLL D3DCompiler_xx.dll.


Retrieving and using an interface slot

ID3D11ShaderReflectionVariable* pAmbientLightingVar = pReflector->GetVariableByName("g_abstractAmbientLighting");
g_iAmbientLightingOffset = pAmbientLightingVar->GetInterfaceSlot(0);
g_pPSClassLinkage->GetClassInstance( "g_hemiAmbientLight", 0, &g_pHemiAmbientLightClass );
g_dynamicLinkageArray[g_iAmbientLightingOffset] = g_pHemiAmbientLightClass; 
pd3dImmediateContext->PSSetShader( g_pPixelShader, g_dynamicLinkageArray, g_iNumPSInterfaces );


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header d3d11shader.h
Library D3DCompiler.lib
DLL D3DCompiler_47.dll

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