ID3D12GraphicsCommandList::CopyBufferRegion method (d3d12.h)

Copies a region of a buffer from one resource to another.


void CopyBufferRegion(
  [in] ID3D12Resource *pDstBuffer,
       UINT64         DstOffset,
  [in] ID3D12Resource *pSrcBuffer,
       UINT64         SrcOffset,
       UINT64         NumBytes


[in] pDstBuffer

Type: ID3D12Resource*

Specifies the destination ID3D12Resource.


Type: UINT64

Specifies a UINT64 offset (in bytes) into the destination resource.

[in] pSrcBuffer

Type: ID3D12Resource*

Specifies the source ID3D12Resource.


Type: UINT64

Specifies a UINT64 offset (in bytes) into the source resource, to start the copy from.


Type: UINT64

Specifies the number of bytes to copy.

Return value



Consider using the CopyResource method when copying an entire resource, and use this method for copying regions of a resource.

CopyBufferRegion may be used to initialize resources which alias the same heap memory. See CreatePlacedResource for more details.


The D3D12HelloTriangle sample uses ID3D12GraphicsCommandList::CopyBufferRegion as follows:

inline UINT64 UpdateSubresources(
    _In_ ID3D12GraphicsCommandList* pCmdList,
    _In_ ID3D12Resource* pDestinationResource,
    _In_ ID3D12Resource* pIntermediate,
    _In_range_(0,D3D12_REQ_SUBRESOURCES) UINT FirstSubresource,
    _In_range_(0,D3D12_REQ_SUBRESOURCES-FirstSubresource) UINT NumSubresources,
    UINT64 RequiredSize,
    _In_reads_(NumSubresources) const D3D12_PLACED_SUBRESOURCE_FOOTPRINT* pLayouts,
    _In_reads_(NumSubresources) const UINT* pNumRows,
    _In_reads_(NumSubresources) const UINT64* pRowSizesInBytes,
    _In_reads_(NumSubresources) const D3D12_SUBRESOURCE_DATA* pSrcData)
    // Minor validation
    D3D12_RESOURCE_DESC IntermediateDesc = pIntermediate->GetDesc();
    D3D12_RESOURCE_DESC DestinationDesc = pDestinationResource->GetDesc();
    if (IntermediateDesc.Dimension != D3D12_RESOURCE_DIMENSION_BUFFER || 
        IntermediateDesc.Width < RequiredSize + pLayouts[0].Offset || 
        RequiredSize > (SIZE_T)-1 || 
        (DestinationDesc.Dimension == D3D12_RESOURCE_DIMENSION_BUFFER && 
            (FirstSubresource != 0 || NumSubresources != 1)))
        return 0;
    BYTE* pData;
    HRESULT hr = pIntermediate->Map(0, NULL, reinterpret_cast<void**>(&pData));
    if (FAILED(hr))
        return 0;
    for (UINT i = 0; i < NumSubresources; ++i)
        if (pRowSizesInBytes[i] > (SIZE_T)-1) return 0;
        D3D12_MEMCPY_DEST DestData = { pData + pLayouts[i].Offset, pLayouts[i].Footprint.RowPitch, pLayouts[i].Footprint.RowPitch * pNumRows[i] };
        MemcpySubresource(&DestData, &pSrcData[i], (SIZE_T)pRowSizesInBytes[i], pNumRows[i], pLayouts[i].Footprint.Depth);
    pIntermediate->Unmap(0, NULL);
    if (DestinationDesc.Dimension == D3D12_RESOURCE_DIMENSION_BUFFER)
        CD3DX12_BOX SrcBox( UINT( pLayouts[0].Offset ), UINT( pLayouts[0].Offset + pLayouts[0].Footprint.Width ) );
            pDestinationResource, 0, pIntermediate, pLayouts[0].Offset, pLayouts[0].Footprint.Width);
        for (UINT i = 0; i < NumSubresources; ++i)
            CD3DX12_TEXTURE_COPY_LOCATION Dst(pDestinationResource, i + FirstSubresource);
            CD3DX12_TEXTURE_COPY_LOCATION Src(pIntermediate, pLayouts[i]);
            pCmdList->CopyTextureRegion(&Dst, 0, 0, 0, &Src, nullptr);
    return RequiredSize;

See Example Code in the D3D12 Reference.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header d3d12.h
Library D3d12.lib
DLL D3d12.dll

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