D3D12_TEX2D_SRV structure (d3d12.h)

Describes the subresource from a 2D texture to use in a shader-resource view.


typedef struct D3D12_TEX2D_SRV {
  UINT  MostDetailedMip;
  UINT  MipLevels;
  UINT  PlaneSlice;
  FLOAT ResourceMinLODClamp;
} D3D12_TEX2D_SRV;



The index of the most detailed mipmap level to use; this number is between 0 and MipLevels (from the original Texture2D for which ID3D12Device::CreateShaderResourceView creates a view) -1.


The maximum number of mipmap levels for the view of the texture. See the remarks in D3D12_TEX1D_SRV. Set to -1 to indicate all the mipmap levels from MostDetailedMip on down to least detailed.


The index (plane slice number) of the plane to use in the texture.


Specifies the minimum mipmap level that you can access. Specifying 0.0f means that you can access all of the mipmap levels. Specifying 3.0f means that you can access mipmap levels from 3.0f to MipCount - 1.

We recommend that you don't set MostDetailedMip and ResourceMinLODClamp at the same time. Instead, set one of those two members to 0 (to get default behavior). That's because MipLevels is interpreted differently in conjunction with different fields:

  • For MostDetailedMip, mips are in the range [MostDetailedMip, MostDetailedMip + MipLevels - 1].
  • For ResourceMinLODClamp, mips are in the range [ResourceMinLODClamp, MipLevels - 1].


This structure is one member of a shader-resource-view description, D3D12_SHADER_RESOURCE_VIEW_DESC.


Header d3d12.h

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