ID3D12VideoDevice::CheckFeatureSupport method (d3d12video.h)

Gets information about the features that are supported by the current video driver.


HRESULT CheckFeatureSupport(
  D3D12_FEATURE_VIDEO FeatureVideo,
  void                *pFeatureSupportData,
  UINT                FeatureSupportDataSize



A member of the D3D12_FEATURE_VIDEO enumeration that specifies the feature to query for support.


A structure that contains data that describes the configuration details of the feature for which support is requested and, upon the completion of the call, is populated with details about the level of support available. For information on the structure that is associated with each type of feature support request, see the field descriptions for D3D12_FEATURE_VIDEO.


The size of the structure passed to the pFeatureSupportData parameter.

Return value

Returns S_OK if successful; otherwise, returns E_INVALIDARG if an unsupported data type is passed to the pFeatureSupportData parameter or a size mismatch is detected for the FeatureSupportDataSize parameter.


Requirement Value
Header d3d12video.h
DLL d3d12.dll