D3DReadFileToBlob function (d3dcompiler.h)

Note  You can use this API to develop your Windows Store apps, but you can't use it in apps that you submit to the Windows Store.
Reads a file that is on disk into memory.


HRESULT D3DReadFileToBlob(
  [in]  LPCWSTR  pFileName,
  [out] ID3DBlob **ppContents


[in] pFileName

A pointer to a constant null-terminated string that contains the name of the file to read into memory.

[out] ppContents

A pointer to a variable that receives a pointer to the ID3DBlob interface that contains information that D3DReadFileToBlob read from the pFileName file. You can use this ID3DBlob interface to access the file information and pass it to other compiler functions.

Return value

Returns one of the Direct3D 11 return codes.


Note  The D3dcompiler_44.dll or later version of the file contains the D3DReadFileToBlob compiler function.


Target Platform Windows
Header d3dcompiler.h
Library D3DCompiler.lib
DLL D3DCompiler_47.dll

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