PDD_GETDRIVERINFO callback function (ddrawint.h)

The DdGetDriverInfo function queries the driver for additional DirectDraw and Direct3D functionality that the driver supports.



DWORD PddGetdriverinfo(



Points to a DD_GETDRIVERINFODATA structure that contains the information required to perform the query.

Return value

DdGetDriverInfo must return DDHAL_DRIVER_HANDLED.


Drivers must implement DdGetDriverInfo to expose driver-supported DirectDraw functionality that is not returnable through DrvEnableDirectDraw.

The driver's DrvGetDirectDrawInfo function returns a pointer to DdGetDriverInfo in the GetDriverInfo member of the DD_HALINFO structure.

To inform DirectDraw that the GetDriverInfo member has been set correctly, the driver must also set the DDHALINFO_GETDRIVERINFOSET bit of the dwFlags member in the DD_HALINFO structure.

DdGetDriverInfo should determine whether the driver and its hardware support the callbacks or capabilities requested by the specified GUID. For all GUIDs except GUID_D3DParseUnknownCommandCallback, if the driver does provide the requested support, it should set the following members of the DD_GETDRIVERINFODATA structure:

  • Set dwActualSize to the size in bytes of the callback or capability structure being returned by the driver.
  • In the memory that lpvData points to, initialize the members of the callback or capability structure that corresponds with the requested feature as follows:
    • Set the dwSize member to the size in bytes of the structure.
    • For callbacks, set the function pointers to point to those callbacks implemented by the driver, and set the bits in the dwFlags member to indicate what functions the driver supports.
    • For capabilities, set the appropriate members of the capability structure with values supported by the driver/device.
  • Return DD_OK in ddRVal.
If the driver does not support the feature, it should set ddRVal to DDERR_CURRENTLYNOTAVAIL and return.

DirectDraw informs the driver of the expected amount of data in the dwExpectedSize member of the DD_GETDRIVERINFODATA structure. The driver must not fill in more data than dwExpectedSize bytes.

To avoid problems using DdGetDriverInfo:

  • Do not implement dependencies based on the order in which DdGetDriverInfo is called. For example, avoid hooking driver initialization steps into DdGetDriverInfo.
  • Do not try to ascertain the DirectDraw version based on the calls to DdGetDriverInfo.
  • Do not assume anything about the number of times DirectDraw will call the driver, or the number of times DirectDraw will query a given GUID. It is possible that DirectDraw will probe the driver repeatedly with the same GUID. Implementing assumptions about this in the driver hampers its compatibility with future runtimes.


Target Platform Desktop
Header ddrawint.h (include Winddi.h)

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