PDD_VPORTCB_GETINPUTFORMATS callback function (ddrawint.h)

The DdVideoPortGetInputFormats callback function determines the input formats that the DirectDraw VPE object can accept.



DWORD PddVportcbGetinputformats(



Points to a DD_GETVPORTINPUTFORMATDATA structure that contains the information required for the driver to return the input formats the VPE object can accept.

Return value

DdVideoPortGetInputFormats returns one of the following callback codes:


DdVideoPortGetInputFormats must be implemented in DirectDraw drivers that support VPE.

DirectDraw calls DdVideoPortGetInputFormats to obtain the number of input formats supported by the specified VPE object and a description of each format. DdVideoPortGetInputFormats is called twice for the specified VPE object:

  • In the first call, the lpddpfFormat member of the DD_GETVPORTINPUTFORMATDATA structure at lpGetInputFormats is NULL. The driver should write the number of input formats that the VPE object supports in the dwNumFormats member of DD_GETVPORTINPUTFORMATDATA. Upon return, DirectDraw will allocate this number of DDPIXELFORMAT structures to pass in the second call to DdVideoPortGetInputFormats.
  • In the second call, lpddpfFormat points to the array of allocated DDPIXELFORMAT structures. The driver should fill in each structure to describe each input format that the VPE object supports. The driver should also return the number of supported input formats in dwNumFormats. Note that the driver is guaranteed that the buffer to which lpddpfFormat points is large enough to hold the format information being requested.
If the dwFlags member of the DD_GETVPORTINPUTFORMATDATA structure is set only to DDVPFORMAT_VIDEO, the driver should return only those formats that are supported for the normal video data. If dwFlags is set only to DDVPFORMAT_VBI, the driver should return only those formats supported for the VBI data. If dwFlags is set to both flags, the driver should return all formats supported by the VPE object.


Target Platform Desktop
Header ddrawint.h (include Winddi.h)

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