XMQuaternionSquadSetup function (directxmath.h)

Provides addresses of setup control points for spherical quadrangle interpolation.


void XM_CALLCONV XMQuaternionSquadSetup(
  [out] XMVECTOR  *pA,
  [out] XMVECTOR  *pB,
  [out] XMVECTOR  *pC,
  [in]  FXMVECTOR Q0,
  [in]  FXMVECTOR Q1,
  [in]  FXMVECTOR Q2,
  [in]  GXMVECTOR Q3
) noexcept;


[out] pA

Address of first setup quaternion.

[out] pB

Address of first setup quaternion.

[out] pC

Address of first setup quaternion.

[in] Q0

First quaternion.

[in] Q1

Second quaternion.

[in] Q2

Third quaternion.

[in] Q3

Fourth quaternion.

Return value



The DirectXMath quaternion functions use an XMVECTOR 4-vector to represent quaternions, where the X, Y, and Z components are the vector part and the W component is the scalar part.

The results returned in pA, pB, and pC are used as the inputs to the Q1, Q2, and Q3 parameters of XMQuaternionSquad.

Platform Requirements

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 with the Windows SDK for Windows 8. Supported for Win32 desktop apps, Windows Store apps, and Windows Phone 8 apps.


Target Platform Windows
Header directxmath.h

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