IDWriteInMemoryFontFileLoader interface (dwrite_3.h)

Represents a font file loader that can access in-memory fonts. The IDWriteFactory5::CreateInMemoryFontFileLoader method returns an instance of this interface, which the client can use to load in-memory fonts without having to implement a custom loader. A client can also create its own custom implementation, however. In either case, the client is responsible for registering and unregistering the loader using IDWriteFactory::RegisterFontFileLoader and IDWriteFactory::UnregisterFontFileLoader.


The IDWriteInMemoryFontFileLoader interface inherits from IDWriteFontFileLoader. IDWriteInMemoryFontFileLoader also has these types of members:


The IDWriteInMemoryFontFileLoader interface has these methods.


Creates a font file reference (IDWriteFontFile object) from an array of bytes.

Returns the number of font file references that have been created using this loader instance.


Target Platform Windows
Header dwrite_3.h

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