EcGetObjectArraySize function (evcoll.h)

The EcGetObjectArraySize function retrieves the size (the number of indexes) of the array of property values for the event sources of a subscription.


BOOL EcGetObjectArraySize(
  [out] PDWORD                          ObjectArraySize


[in] ObjectArray

A handle to the array from which to get the size. The array contains property values for the event sources of a subscription. The array handle is returned by the EcGetSubscriptionProperty method when the EcSubscriptionEventSources value is passed into the PropertyId parameter.

[out] ObjectArraySize

The size of the array (the number of indexes).

Return value

This function returns BOOL.


Arrays are zero-based, so the index for the first item in the array is 0.


For example code using the EcGetObjectArraySize function, see Displaying the Properties of an Event Collector Subscription.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header evcoll.h
Library Wecapi.lib
DLL Wecapi.dll

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