IFsrmCommittableCollection::Commit method (fsrm.h)

Commits all the objects of the collection and returns the commit results for each object.


  [in]  FsrmCommitOptions options,
  [out] IFsrmCollection   **results


[in] options

One or more options to use when committing the collection of objects. For possible values, see the FsrmCommitOptions enumeration.

[out] results

A collection of HRESULT values that correspond directly to the objects in the collection. The HRESULT value indicates the success or failure of committing the object.

If the method returns FSRM_S_PARTIAL_BATCH or FSRM_E_FAIL_BATCH, check the results.

Return value

The method returns the following return values.


Committing objects in a batch operation provides better performance than committing each object in the collection individually (for example, calling the IFsrmFileScreen::Commit method).

Note that the state of the objects in the collection must be the same. For example, the collection must contain all new objects, objects marked for deletion, or modified objects. The modified category covers objects are not new or marked for deletion—it does not necessarily mean that they've been modified.

A collection of imported objects would be considered a collection of modified objects. If you marked one or more of the imported objects for deletion (called the Delete method on the object), you would first have to remove those objects from the collection before committing the rest.


Minimum supported client None supported
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header fsrm.h (include FsrmQuota.h, FsrmReports.h, FsrmScreen.h)
DLL SrmSvc.dll

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