IFsrmFileScreenBase::EnumActions method (fsrmscreen.h)

Enumerates all the actions for the file screen object.


HRESULT EnumActions(
  [out] IFsrmCollection **actions


[out] actions

An IFsrmCollection interface that contains a collection of actions that are defined for the object.

Each item of the collection is a VARIANT of type VT_DISPATCH. Query the pdispVal member for the IFsrmAction interface. You can then use the IFsrmAction::ActionType property to determine the type of action.

Return value

The method returns the following return values.


Minimum supported client None supported
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header fsrmscreen.h (include FsrmScreen.h, FsrmTlb.h)
DLL SrmSvc.dll

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