IFsrmFileScreenTemplate::CommitAndUpdateDerived method (fsrmscreen.h)

[This method is supported for compatibility but it's recommended to use the FSRM WMI Classes to manage FSRM. Please see the MSFT_FSRMFileScreenTemplate class.]

Saves the file screen template and then applies any changes to the derived file screen objects.


HRESULT CommitAndUpdateDerived(
  [in]  FsrmCommitOptions         commitOptions,
  [in]  FsrmTemplateApplyOptions  applyOptions,
  [out] IFsrmDerivedObjectsResult **derivedObjectsResult


[in] commitOptions

The options for saving the template. For possible values, see the FsrmCommitOptions enumeration.

[in] applyOptions

The options used to choose the derived objects to which the changes are applied. For possible values, see the FsrmTemplateApplyOptions enumeration.

[out] derivedObjectsResult

An IFsrmDerivedObjectsResult interface that you use to determine the list of derived objects that were updated and whether the update was successful.

Return value

The method returns the following return values.


Minimum supported client None supported
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header fsrmscreen.h
DLL SrmSvc.dll

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