ColorCurve class (gdipluseffects.h)

The ColorCurve class encompasses eight separate adjustments: exposure, density, contrast, highlight, shadow, midtone, white saturation, and black saturation. You can apply one of those adjustments to a bitmap by passing the address of a ColorCurve object to the Graphics::DrawImage method or to the Bitmap::ApplyEffect method. To specify the adjustment, the intensity of the adjustment, and the color channel to which the adjustment applies, pass the address of a ColorCurveParams structure to the ColorCurve::SetParameters method of a ColorCurve object.


The ColorCurve class implements Effect.


The ColorCurve class has these methods.


Creates a ColorCurve object.

The ColorCurve::GetParameters gets the current values of the parameters of this ColorCurve object.

The ColorCurve::SetParameters method sets the parameters of this ColorCurve object.


Target Platform Windows
Header gdipluseffects.h