GraphicsPath::AddPath method (gdipluspath.h)

The GraphicsPath::AddPath method adds a path to this path.


Status AddPath(
  [in] const GraphicsPath *addingPath,
  [in] BOOL               connect


[in] addingPath

Type: const GraphicsPath*

Pointer to the path to be added.

[in] connect

Type: BOOL

BOOL value that specifies whether the first figure in the added path is part of the last figure in this path.


Specifies that (if possible) the first figure in the added path is part of the last figure in this path.


Specifies that the first figure in the added path is separate from the last figure in this path.

Return value

Type: Status

If the method succeeds, it returns Ok, which is an element of the Status enumeration.

If the method fails, it returns one of the other elements of the Status enumeration.


Even if the value of the connect parameter is TRUE, this method might not be able to make the first figure of the added path part of the last figure of this path. If either of those figures is closed, then they must remain separate figures.


The following example creates two GraphicsPath objects: path1 and path2. The code adds an open figure consisting of an arc and a Bézier spline to each path. The code calls the GraphicsPath::AddPath method of path1 to add path2 to path1. The second argument is TRUE, which specifies that all four items (two arcs and two Bézier splines) belong to the same figure.

VOID AddPathExample(HDC hdc)
   Graphics graphics(hdc);

   GraphicsPath path1;
   path1.AddArc(10, 10, 50, 20, 0.0f, 150.0f);
   path1.AddBezier(10, 50, 60, 50, 10, 80, 60, 80);
   GraphicsPath path2;
   path2.AddArc(10, 110, 50, 20, 0.0f, 150.0f);
   path2.AddBezier(10, 150, 60, 150, 10, 180, 60, 180);
   path1.AddPath(&path2, TRUE);

   Pen pen(Color(255, 0, 0, 255));
   graphics.DrawPath(&pen, &path1);


Minimum supported client Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header gdipluspath.h (include Gdiplus.h)
Library Gdiplus.lib
DLL Gdiplus.dll

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