HBA_RegisterForAdapterEvents function (hbaapi.h)

Declares a user routine that notifies about adapter events.


HBA_STATUS HBA_API HBA_RegisterForAdapterEvents(
  void(* )(void *pData,HBA_WWN PortWWN,HBA_UINT32 eventType) callback,
  void                                                       *pUserData,
  HBA_HANDLE                                                 Handle,
  HBA_CALLBACKHANDLE                                         *pCallbackHandle



Pointer to a callback routine to be called when an adapter is added to the system. Define your callback routine with this prototype:

void(*)(void *pData, HBA_WWN PortWWN, HBA_UINT32 eventType)

When your callback routine is called, the following parameters are passed to it:

  • pData. Pointer to a buffer that contains data that you provided when registering this callback routine. You can use this data to correlate the event with the source of the event registration.
  • PortWWN. A 64-bit world-wide name (WWN) that uniquely identifies the host bus adapter (HBA) from which the adapter event is being reported. The callback routine is called whenever an adapter event occurs for this HBA. For a discussion of worldwide names, see the T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification.
  • eventType. Indicates the event type. The values assigned to this member correspond to the values associated with the EVENT_TYPE_QUALIFIERS property qualifier.


Pointer to a buffer that will be passed to the callback routine with each event. This data correlates the event with the source of the event registration.


Contains a value (returned by the routine HBA_OpenAdapter) that identifies the HBA for which the adapter events are generated.


Contains an opaque identifier that you can pass to HBA_RemoveCallback to de-register the callback routine.

Return value

A value of type HBA_STATUS that indicates the status of the HBA. In particular, it returns one of the following values.

Return code Description
HBA_STATUS_OK The callback routine was successfully registered.
HBA_STATUS_ERROR An unspecified error occurred that prevented the registration of the callback routine.


If the HBA referenced by handle is removed from the system, then the callback function is called with event type of HBA_EVENT_ADAPTER_REMOVE.

If the configuration of the HBA referenced by handle is changed, then the callback function is called with event type of HBA_EVENT_ADAPTER_CHANGE.


Requirement Value
Header hbaapi.h