IADsContainer::Create method (iads.h)

The IADsContainer::Create method sets up a request to create a directory object of the specified schema class and a given name in the container. The object is not made persistent until IADs::SetInfo is called on the new object. This allows for setting mandatory properties on the new object.


  [in]  BSTR      ClassName,
  [in]  BSTR      RelativeName,
  [out] IDispatch **ppObject


[in] ClassName

Name of the schema class object to be created. The name is that returned from the IADs::get_Schema property method.

[in] RelativeName

Relative name of the object as it is known in the underlying directory and identical to the one retrieved through the IADs::get_Name property method.

[out] ppObject

Indirect pointer to the IDispatch interface on the newly created object.

Return value

This method supports the standard return values, including S_OK for a successful operation. For more information about error codes, see ADSI Error Codes.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header iads.h
DLL Activeds.dll

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