IADsMembers interface (iads.h)

The IADsMembers interface is a dual interface. It is designed for managing a list of ADSI object references. It is implemented to support group membership for individual accounts. It can be used to manage a collection of ADSI objects belonging to a group. To access the collection of group members, use the IADsGroup::get_Members property method implemented by the ADSI group object.

The IADsMembers interface serves a slightly different purpose from the IADsCollection and IADsContainer interfaces, which also works with a set of data or objects. IADsCollection manages sets of arbitrary data elements that are not object references, whereas IADsContainer manages objects that are part of the directory tree structure or the network topology.


The IADsMembers interface inherits from the IDispatch interface. IADsMembers also has these types of members:


The IADsMembers interface has these methods.


The IADsMembers::get__NewEnum method gets a dependent enumerator object that implements IEnumVARIANT for this ADSI collection object. Be aware that there are two underscore characters in the function name (get__NewEnum).


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header iads.h

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