IDiscFormat2RawCD::put_BufferUnderrunFreeDisabled method (imapi2.h)

Determines if Buffer Underrun Free recording is enabled.


HRESULT put_BufferUnderrunFreeDisabled(
  [in] VARIANT_BOOL value


[in] value

Set to VARIANT_TRUE to disable Buffer Underrun Free recording; otherwise, VARIANT_FALSE. The default is VARIANT_FALSE (enabled).

Return value

S_OK is returned on success, but other success codes may be returned as a result of implementation. The following error codes are commonly returned on operation failure, but do not represent the only possible error values:

Return code Description
The requested operation is only valid when media has been "prepared".

Value: 0xC0AA0602

There is currently a write operation in progress.

Value: 0xC0AA0600


Buffer underrun can be an issue if the data stream does not enter the buffer fast enough to keep the device continuously writing. In turn, the stop and start action of writing can cause data on the disc to be unusable. Buffer Underrun Free (BUF) recording allows the laser to start and stop without damaging data already written to the disc. Disabling of BUF recording is possible only on CD-R/RW media.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista, Windows XP with SP2 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header imapi2.h

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