DFS_TARGET_PRIORITY structure (lmdfs.h)

Contains the priority class and rank of a specific DFS target.


typedef struct _DFS_TARGET_PRIORITY {
  USHORT                    TargetPriorityRank;
  USHORT                    Reserved;



DFS_TARGET_PRIORITY_CLASS enumeration value that specifies the priority class of the target.


Specifies the priority rank value of the target. The default value is 0, which indicates the highest priority rank within a priority class.


This member is reserved and must be zero.


This structure is used as the TargetPriority member of the DFS_INFO_104, DFS_INFO_106, and DFS_STORAGE_INFO_1 structures. There are no functions that use this structure directly.

The order of priority classes from highest to lowest is as follows:

  • DfsGlobalHighPriorityClass
  • DfsSiteCostHighPriorityClass
  • DfsSiteCostNormalPriorityClass
  • DfsSiteCostLowPriorityClass
  • DfsGlobalLowPriorityClass
Server targets are initially grouped into global high priority, normal priority, and low priority classes. The normal priority class is then subdivided, based on Active Directory site cost, into site-cost high priority, site-cost normal priority, and site-cost low priority classes.

For example, all of the server targets with a site-cost value of 0 are first grouped into site-cost high, normal, and low priority classes. Then, all server targets with higher site costs are likewise separated into site-cost high, normal, and low priority classes. Thus, a server target with a site-cost value of 0 and a site-cost low priority class is still ranked higher than a server target with a site-cost value of 1 and site-cost high priority class.

Note that the value for a "normal priority class" is set to 0 even though it is lower in priority than DfsGlobalHighPriorityClass and DfsSiteCostHighPriorityClass. This is the default setting for priority class. Priority rank can be used to discriminate within a priority class for added granularity.

For more information about how server target priority is determined, see DFS Server Target Prioritization.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008
Header lmdfs.h (include LmDfs.h, Lm.h)

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