IMFCameraOcclusionStateMonitor::GetSupportedStates method (mfidl.h)

Gets the occlusion states supported by the current device.


DWORD GetSupportedStates();

Return value

A DWORD containing a bitwise OR combination of values from the MFCameraOcclusionState enumeration.


To get the current occlusion state, call the IMFCameraOcclusionStateReport::GetOcclusionState method on the IMFCameraOcclusionStateReport passed to the IMFCameraOcclusionStateReportCallback::OnOcclusionStateReport callback.


Minimum supported client Windows Build 22000
Minimum supported server Windows Build 22000
Header mfidl.h

See also

IMFCameraOcclusionStateReport IMFCameraOcclusionStateReportCallback::OnOcclusionStateReport