IMFPluginControl::SetPreferredClsid method (mfobjects.h)

Adds a class identifier (CLSID) to the preferred list or removes a CLSID from the list.


HRESULT SetPreferredClsid(
  [in] DWORD       pluginType,
  [in] LPCWSTR     selector,
  [in] const CLSID *clsid


[in] pluginType

Member of the MF_Plugin_Type enumeration, specifying the type of object.

[in] selector

The key name for the CLSID. For more information about the format of key names, see the Remarks section of IMFPluginControl.

[in] clsid

The CLSID to add to the list. If this parameter is NULL, the key/value entry specified by the selector parameter is removed from the list.

Return value

If this method succeeds, it returns S_OK. Otherwise, it returns an HRESULT error code.


The preferred list is global to the caller's process. Calling this method does not affect the list in other process.


Minimum supported client Windows 7 [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008 R2 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header mfobjects.h (include Mfidl.h)

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