IMFVirtualCamera::Shutdown method (mfvirtualcamera.h)

Releases all of the virtual camera's internal resources.


HRESULT Shutdown();

Return value

Returns an HRESULT value, including but not limited to the following values:

Error code Description
S_OK Succeeded


When Shutdown is called, all objects created through the IMFVirtualCamera APIs will also be shutdown. This includes IMFCameraSyncObject objects obtained through calls to IMFVirtualCamera::CreateSyncEvent or CreateSyncSemaphore and IMFMediaSource objects obtained through a call to IMFVirtualCamera::GetMediaSource. Attempts to use any object obtained from the IMFVirtualCamera after Shutdown has been called will result in an MF_E_SHUTDOWN error.

For virtual cameras created with a lifetime value of MFVirtualCameraLifeTime_Session, when Shutdown is called, the virtual camera will be removed from the system. Any application using the virtual camera will receive the device invalidated error MF_E_VIDEO_RECORDING_DEVICE_INVALIDATED.


Minimum supported client Windows Build 22000
Header mfvirtualcamera.h
Library mfsensorgroup.lib
DLL mfsensorgroup.dll

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