PMGM_WRONG_IF_CALLBACK callback function (mgm.h)

The PMGM_WRONG_IF_CALLBACK is a call into a routing protocol to notify the protocol that a packet has been received from the specified source and for the specified group on the wrong interface.



DWORD PmgmWrongIfCallback(
  [in] DWORD dwSourceAddr,
  [in] DWORD dwGroupAddr,
  [in] DWORD dwIfIndex,
  [in] DWORD dwIfNextHopAddr,
  [in] DWORD dwHdrSize,
  [in] PBYTE pbPacketHdr


[in] dwSourceAddr

Specifies the source address from which the multicast data was received. Zero indicates that data is received from all sources (a wildcard receiver for a group); otherwise, the value of dwSourceAddr is the IP address of the source or source network.

[in] dwGroupAddr

Specifies the multicast group for which the data is destined. Zero indicates that all groups are received (a wildcard receiver); otherwise, the value of dwGroupAddr is the IP address of the group.

[in] dwIfIndex

Specifies the interface on which the packet arrived.

[in] dwIfNextHopAddr

Specifies the address of the next hop that corresponds to the index specified by dwIfIndex. The dwIfIndex and dwIfNextHopIPAddr parameters uniquely identify a next hop on point-to-multipoint interfaces. A point-to-multipoint interface is a connection where one interface connects to multiple networks. Examples of point-to-multipoint interfaces include non-broadcast multiple access (NBMA) interfaces and the internal interface on which all dial-up clients connect.

For broadcast interfaces (such as Ethernet interfaces) or point-to-point interfaces, which are identified by only the value of dwIfIndex, specify zero.

[in] dwHdrSize

Specifies, in bytes, the size of the buffer pointed to by pbPacketHdr.

[in] pbPacketHdr

Pointer to a buffer that contains the IP header of the packet, including the IP options and a fragment of the data. This parameter is used by those protocols that examine the contents of the packet header.

Return value

RRAS does not expect the application to return any specific value; any value returned is ignored by RRAS.


This callback is not currently available.


Minimum supported client None supported
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header mgm.h