MI_Instance_GetElementCount function (mi.h)

Gets the number of elements in an instance.


MI_INLINE MI_Result MI_INLINE_CALL MI_Instance_GetElementCount(
  [in]  const MI_Instance *self,
  [out] MI_Uint32         *count


[in] self

Instance whose element count will be returned.

[out] count

Returned number of elements in the instance.

Return value

A value of the MI_Result enumeration that specifies the function return code. This can be one of the following codes.


Minimum supported client Windows 8
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2012
Target Platform Windows
Header mi.h
Redistributable Windows Management Framework 3.0 on Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1, Windows 7 with SP1, and Windows Server 2008 with SP2