CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_INFO structure (minwinbase.h)

Contains process creation information that can be used by a debugger.


  HANDLE                 hFile;
  HANDLE                 hProcess;
  HANDLE                 hThread;
  LPVOID                 lpBaseOfImage;
  DWORD                  dwDebugInfoFileOffset;
  DWORD                  nDebugInfoSize;
  LPVOID                 lpThreadLocalBase;
  LPVOID                 lpImageName;
  WORD                   fUnicode;



A handle to the process's image file. If this member is NULL, the handle is not valid. Otherwise, the debugger can use the member to read from and write to the image file.

When the debugger is finished with this file, it should close the handle using the CloseHandle function.


A handle to the process. If this member is NULL, the handle is not valid. Otherwise, the debugger can use the member to read from and write to the process's memory.


A handle to the initial thread of the process identified by the hProcess member. If hThread param is NULL, the handle is not valid. Otherwise, the debugger has THREAD_GET_CONTEXT, THREAD_SET_CONTEXT, and THREAD_SUSPEND_RESUME access to the thread, allowing the debugger to read from and write to the registers of the thread and to control execution of the thread.


The base address of the executable image that the process is running.


The offset to the debugging information in the file identified by the hFile member.


The size of the debugging information in the file, in bytes. If this value is zero, there is no debugging information.


A pointer to a block of data. At offset 0x2C into this block is another pointer, called ThreadLocalStoragePointer, that points to an array of per-module thread local storage blocks. This gives a debugger access to per-thread data in the threads of the process being debugged using the same algorithms that a compiler would use.


A pointer to the starting address of the thread. This value may only be an approximation of the thread's starting address, because any application with appropriate access to the thread can change the thread's context by using the SetThreadContext function.


A pointer to the file name associated with the hFile member. This parameter may be NULL, or it may contain the address of a string pointer in the address space of the process being debugged. That address may, in turn, either be NULL or point to the actual filename. If fUnicode is a nonzero value, the name string is Unicode; otherwise, it is ANSI.

This member is strictly optional. Debuggers must be prepared to handle the case where lpImageName is NULL or *lpImageName (in the address space of the process being debugged) is NULL. Specifically, the system does not provide an image name for a create process event, and will not likely pass an image name for the first DLL event. The system also does not provide this information in the case of debug events that originate from a call to the DebugActiveProcess function.


A value that indicates whether a file name specified by the lpImageName member is Unicode or ANSI. A nonzero value indicates Unicode; zero indicates ANSI.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Header minwinbase.h (include Windows.h)

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