IConsoleNameSpace2::Expand method (mmc.h)

The IConsoleNameSpace2::Expand method enables the snap-in to expand an item in the namespace without visibly expanding the item in the scope pane.


  [in] HSCOPEITEM hItem


[in] hItem

A handle to the item to expand.

Return value

This method can return one of these values.


IConsoleNameSpace2::Expand should be used to expand a specified item for the purpose of enumerating the child items of that item. Be aware that you must call IConsoleNameSpace2::Expand before inserting an item as a child item in the scope pane.

For example, if a snap-in must place a child item beneath a parent item at a specific position (such as the top of a child item list), the snap-in should use this method to expand the item to find the exact position in which to place a child item. The snap-in could also use this method to call IConsoleNameSpace2::GetChildItem on a child item of an item that has not been expanded (either by a previous call to IConsoleNameSpace2::Expand or by the user clicking the plus sign in the scope pane) to expand that item for the purpose of enumerating its children.

IConsoleNameSpace2::Expand does not visibly expand the item in the tree displayed in the scope pane in the console. A snap-in uses IConsole2::Expand to visibly expand or collapse an item in the scope pane. This method sends an MMCN_EXPAND notification to IComponentData if and only if the item has not been previously expanded.


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header mmc.h
DLL Mmcndmgr.dll

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