ISyncMgrEnumItems interface (mobsync.h)

Exposes methods that enumerate through an array of SYNCMGRITEM structures. Each of these structures provides information about an item that can be synchronized. ISyncMgrEnumItems has the same methods as all standard enumerator interfaces: Next, Skip, Reset, and Clone.


The ISyncMgrEnumItems interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. ISyncMgrEnumItems also has these types of members:


The ISyncMgrEnumItems interface has these methods.


Creates another items enumerator with the same state as the current enumerator to iterate over the same list. This method makes it possible to record a point in the enumeration sequence in order to return to that point at a later time.

Enumerates the next celt elements in the enumerator's list, returning them in rgelt along with the actual number of enumerated elements in pceltFetched.

Instructs the enumerator to position itself at the beginning of the list of elements.

Instructs the enumerator to skip the next celt elements in the enumeration so that the next call to ISyncMgrEnumItems::Next does not return those elements.


When to Implement

If the registered application works with the synchronization manager to synchronize items, it must implement an enumerator object with this interface to enumerate through the items.

When to Use

The synchronization manager obtains a pointer to this interface and calls each method during the synchronization process.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header mobsync.h

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