IInkPicture::get_InkEnabled method (msinkaut.h)

Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the InkPicture control collects pen input (in-air packets, cursor in range events, and so on).

This property is read/write.


HRESULT get_InkEnabled(
  VARIANT_BOOL *Collecting



Return value



The InkPicture control collects ink in Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition or any edition of Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or Windows XP on which the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Software Development Kit (SDK) is installed. However, handwriting recognition occurs only if Windows Vista, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, or the Recognizer Pack is installed.

In any edition of Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, or of Windows XP other than Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, the InkEnabled property is always FALSE if the Tablet PC SDK is not installed.

If the window input rectangle of an enabled object (set in the constructor or with the SetWindowInputRectangle Method) overlaps the window input rectangle of another enabled object, the E_INK_OVERLAPPING_INPUT_RECT error is returned.

Note  Overlap can occur without an error as long as only one of the input rectangles is enabled at any time.
While the InkPicture control is not enabled, you receive no events.

When the Enabled property of a container InkPicture control is set to VARIANT_FALSE, all of its contained controls are disabled as well.

You cannot set this property to VARIANT_FALSE while the InkPicture control is collecting ink (the CollectingInk Property property is VARIANT_TRUE).

For best results, set the Enabled property to VARIANT_FALSE when an application shuts down.

This property must be set to VARIANT_FALSE before setting or calling specific properties and methods of the control. If you try to change the specified properties or call the specified methods, an error occurs. The following properties and methods cannot be set or called unless the Enabled property is first set to VARIANT_FALSE:

  1. Properties:
  2. Methods:


Minimum supported client Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header msinkaut.h
Library InkObj.dll

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