IInkPicture::put_DesiredPacketDescription method (msinkaut.h)

Gets or sets the desired packet description of the InkCollector.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT put_DesiredPacketDescription(
  VARIANT PacketGuids



Return value



The description is an array of globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) from the PacketProperty object.

In multitablet mode, this is the packet description for all of the tablet devices. If any of the devices don't support a known packet description property, the property data is not returned.

By default, DesiredPacketDescription contains STR_GUID_X, STR_GUID_Y, and STR_GUID_NORMALPRESSURE from the PacketProperty object. If you set DesiredPacketDescription to anything else, STR_GUID_BUTTONPRESSURE only for example, STR_GUID_X and STR_GUID_Y is also added. A get of DesiredPacketDescription returns {X,Y,ButtonPressure} and not {ButtonPressure}.

When DesiredPacketDescription is set to something that includes STR_GUID_PAKETSTATUS, the packet status is added in the third position. For example, if you set DesiredPacketDescription to (a, b, c, d, PacketStatus, e, f), when you get DesiredPacketDescription the result is (X, Y, PacketStatus, a, b, c, d, e, f).

Changes to this property do not affect incoming packet data until the Enabled property changes from FALSE to TRUE.


Minimum supported client Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server None supported
Target Platform Windows
Header msinkaut.h
Library InkObj.dll

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