IWMDMDevice::GetStatus method (mswmdm.h)

The GetStatus method retrieves device status information.


HRESULT GetStatus(
  [out] DWORD *pdwStatus


[out] pdwStatus

Pointer to a DWORD specifying the device status. The possible values returned in pdwStatus are provided in the following table.

Status Description
WMDM_STATUS_READY Windows Media Device Manager and its subcomponents are in a ready state.
WMDM_STATUS_BUSY An operation is ongoing. Evaluate status values to determine the operation.

Return value

The method returns an HRESULT. All the interface methods in Windows Media Device Manager can return any of the following classes of error codes:

  • Standard COM error codes
  • Windows error codes converted to HRESULT values
  • Windows Media Device Manager error codes
For an extensive list of possible error codes, see Error Codes.


Target Platform Windows
Header mswmdm.h
Library Mssachlp.lib

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