ISCPSecureExchange interface (mswmdm.h)

The ISCPSecureExchange interface is used to exchange secured content and rights associated with content. The secure content provider implements this interface and secure Windows Media Device Manager implementations call its methods.


The ISCPSecureExchange interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. ISCPSecureExchange also has these types of members:


The ISCPSecureExchange interface has these methods.


The ObjectData method transfers a block of object data back to Windows Media Device Manager.

The TransferComplete method is called by Windows Media Device Manager to signal the end of a secure transfer of data. In this method, the secure content provider can perform any additional processing required to enable the content on the target device.

The TransferContainerData method transfers container file data to the secure content provider. The secure content provider breaks down the container internally and reports which parts of the content are available as they are extracted from the container.


Target Platform Windows
Header mswmdm.h

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