PSAM_PASSWORD_NOTIFICATION_ROUTINE callback function (ntsecapi.h)

The PasswordChangeNotify function is implemented by a password filter DLL. It notifies the DLL that a password was changed.



NTSTATUS PsamPasswordNotificationRoutine(
  [in] PUNICODE_STRING UserName,
  [in] ULONG RelativeId,
  [in] PUNICODE_STRING NewPassword


[in] UserName

The account name of the user whose password changed.

If the values of this parameter and the NewPassword parameter are NULL, this function should return STATUS_SUCCESS.

[in] RelativeId

The relative identifier (RID) of the user specified in UserName.

[in] NewPassword

A new plaintext password for the user specified in UserName. When you have finished using the password, clear the information by calling the SecureZeroMemory function. For more information about protecting passwords, see Handling Passwords.

If the values of this parameter and the UserName parameter are NULL, this function should return STATUS_SUCCESS.

Return value

Return code Description
Indicates the password of the user was changed, or that the values of both the UserName and NewPassword parameters are NULL.


The PasswordChangeNotify function is called after the PasswordFilter function has been called successfully and the new password has been stored.

This function must use the __stdcall calling convention and must be exported by the DLL.

When the PasswordChangeNotify routine is running, processing is blocked until the routine is finished. When appropriate, move any lengthy processing to a separate thread prior to returning from this routine.

This function is called only for password filters that are installed and registered on the system.

Any process exception that is not handled within this function may cause security-related failures system-wide. Structured exception handling should be used when appropriate.

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The password filter DLL provided by Microsoft Strong Password Enforcement and Passfilt.dll


Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header ntsecapi.h

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