StgGetIFillLockBytesOnILockBytes function (objbase.h)

[The StgGetIFillLockBytesOnILockBytes function is obsolete and the following information is provided for versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000.]

Creates a new wrapper object on a byte array object provided by the caller.


HRESULT StgGetIFillLockBytesOnILockBytes(
  [in]  ILockBytes     *pilb,
  [out] IFillLockBytes **ppflb


[in] pilb

Pointer to an existing byte array object.

[out] ppflb

Pointer to IFillLockBytes pointer variable that receives the interface pointer to the new byte array wrapper object.

Return value

This function supports the standard return values E_UNEXPECTED and E_FAIL, as well as the following:


The StgGetIFillLockBytesOnILockBytes function makes it possible to create an asynchronous storage wrapper object on a custom byte-array object. For example, if you wanted to implement asynchronous storage on a database for which you have already created a byte-array object, you would call this function to create the wrapper object for the byte array. To do so, the function creates a new wrapper object and then initializes it by passing it a pointer to the existing byte-array object.


Target Platform Windows
Header objbase.h
Library Ole32.lib
DLL Ole32.dll

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