CObjectPathParser::Unparse method (objpath.h)

[The CObjectPathParser class is part of the WMI Provider Framework which is now considered in final state, and no further development, enhancements, or updates will be available for non-security related issues affecting these libraries. The MI APIs should be used for all new development.]

Converts a structure that contains the parsed path to a string. Use of this object is not recommended. Instead, use the IWbemPath COM interface.


int Unparse(
  [in]  ParsedObjectPath *pInput,
  [out] DELETE_ME LPWSTR *pwszPath


[in] pInput

A structure that contains WMI path parts such as server, namespaces, classes, key value identifying a specific instance, and others.

[out] pwszPath

A structure that contains the WMI path.

Return value



UnParse is a static method.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
Target Platform Windows
Header objpath.h (include ObjPath.h)
Library FrameDyn.lib
DLL FrameDynOS.dll; FrameDyn.dll

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