OaEnablePerUserTLibRegistration function (oleauto.h)

Enables the RegisterTypeLib function to override default registry mappings under Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows Server 2008, and later operating system versions.


void OaEnablePerUserTLibRegistration();

Return value



Consider the following scenario: You are running an application on a computer that is running Windows Vista SP1 or later. In your application, you have overridden the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry subtree and mapped it to another registry subtree. (For example, perhaps you mapped HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.) You then attempt to register a type library by calling RegisterTypeLib, and you receive an "access denied" error message. Additionally, RegisterTypeLib returns the TYPE_E_REGISTRYACCESS (0x8002801c) value.

This problem occurs if User Account Control (UAC) is enabled, and the application is running under a limited user account.

You can resolve this problem in one of two ways:

  • Use the OaEnablePerUserTLibRegistration function. Before your application calls RegisterTypeLib, it should call OaEnablePerUserTLibRegistration. This enables RegisterTypeLib to accept the registry override mapping. The OaEnablePerUserTLibRegistration function is exported from the Oleaut32.dll file. You must reference this file by using run-time dynamic linking and the GetProcAddress function.
  • Set the OAPERUSERTLIBREG environment variable. RegisterTypeLib will check the value of this variable. If the value of OAPERUSERTLIBREG is 1, RegisterTypeLib will use the appropriate override mapping. Because this environment variable is read during the initialization of the DLLMain function, you must set the variable before you run your application. To do this, run one of the following commands at a command prompt:


    • or -

    start cmd.exe /c "set OAPERUSERTLIBREG=1 && MyApp.exe"

When using run-time dynamic linking it should be noted that the setting to enable per-user type library registration is a global setting in oleaut32.dll, so if oleaut32.dll is unloaded then this setting is lost.


Target Platform Windows
Header oleauto.h
Library OleAut32.lib
DLL OleAut32.dll