IOleObject::GetClientSite method (oleidl.h)

Retrieves a pointer to an embedded object's client site.


HRESULT GetClientSite(
  [out] IOleClientSite **ppClientSite


[out] ppClientSite

Address of IOleClientSite pointer variable that receives the interface pointer to the object's client site. If an object does not yet know its client site, or if an error has occurred, ppClientSite must be set to NULL. Each time an object receives a call to IOleObject::GetClientSite, it must increase the reference count on ppClientSite. It is the caller's responsibility to call Release when it is done with ppClientSite.

Return value

This method returns S_OK on success.


Link clients most commonly call the IOleObject::GetClientSite method in conjunction with the IOleClientSite::GetContainer method to traverse a hierarchy of nested objects. A link client calls IOleObject::GetClientSite to get a pointer to the link source's client site. The client then calls IOleClientSite::GetContainer to get a pointer to the link source's container. Finally, the client calls QueryInterface to get IOleObject and IOleObject::GetClientSite to get the container's client site within its container. By repeating this sequence of calls, the caller can eventually retrieve a pointer to the master container in which all the other objects are nested.

Notes to Callers

The returned client-site pointer will be NULL if an embedded object has not yet been informed of its client site. This will be the case with a newly loaded or created object when a container has passed a NULL client-site pointer to one of the object-creation helper functions but has not yet called IOleObject::SetClientSite as part of initializing the object.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header oleidl.h

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