IPropertyStore::Commit method (propsys.h)

After a change has been made, this method saves the changes.


HRESULT Commit();

Return value

The IPropertyStore::Commit method returns any one of the following:

Return code Description
All of the property changes were successfully written to the stream or path. This includes the case where no changes were pending when the method was called and nothing was written.
The stream or file is read-only; the method was not able to set the value.
Some or all of the changes could not be written to the file. Another, more explanatory error can be used in place of E_FAIL.


Before the Commit method returns, it releases the file stream or path that was initialized to be used by the method. Therefore, no IPropertyStore methods succeed after Commit returns. At that point, they return E_FAIL.

Property handlers must ensure that property changes result in a valid destination file, even if the Commit process terminates abnormally, or encounters any errors.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client Available with Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows operating system.
Target Platform Universal
Header propsys.h
Library Propsys.idl
IRQL All levels

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