Initialize function (roapi.h)

Initializes a thread to use Windows Runtime APIs.


HRESULT Initialize(
  RO_INIT_TYPE initType



Specifies the apartment type of the thread to be initialized.

Return value

  • S_OK - Successfully initialized for the first time on the current thread
  • S_FALSE - Successful nested initialization (current thread was already initialized for the specified apartment type)
  • E_INVALIDARG - Invalid initType value
  • CO_E_INIT_TLS - Failed to allocate COM's internal TLS structure
  • E_OUTOFMEMORY - Failed to allocate per-thread/per-apartment structures other than the TLS
  • RPC_E_CHANGED_MODE - The current thread is already initialized for a different apartment type from what is specified.


Windows::Foundation::Initialize is changed to create ASTAs instead of classic STAs for the RO_INIT_TYPE value RO_INIT_SINGLETHREADED. Windows::Foundation::Initialize(RO_INIT_SINGLETHREADED) is not supported for desktop applications and will return CO_E_NOTSUPPORTED if called from a process other than a Windows Store app.

For Microsoft DirectX applications, you must initialize the initial thread by using Windows::Foundation::Initialize(RO_INIT_MULTITHREADED).

For an out-of-process EXE server, you must initialize the initial thread of the server by using Windows::Foundation::Initialize(RO_INIT_MULTITHREADED).


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header roapi.h

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