RpcMgmtInqStats function (rpcdce.h)

The RpcMgmtInqStats function returns RPC run-time statistics.


RPC_STATUS RpcMgmtInqStats(
  RPC_STATS_VECTOR   **Statistics



To receive statistics about a remote application, specify a server binding handle for that application. To receive statistics about your own (local) application, specify a value of NULL.


Returns a pointer to a pointer to the statistics about the server specified by the Binding parameter. Each statistic is an unsigned long value.

Return value

Value Meaning
The call succeeded.
The binding handle was invalid.
This was the wrong kind of binding for the operation.
Note  For a list of valid error codes, see RPC Return Values.


An application calls the RpcMgmtInqStats function to obtain statistics about the specified server from the RPC run-time library.

Each array element in the returned statistics vector contains an unsigned long value. The following table describes the statistics indexed by the specified constant.

Statistic Description
RPC_C_STATS_CALLS_IN Number of remote procedure calls received by the RPC server specified by the binding handle.
RPC_C_STATS_CALLS_OUT Number of remote procedure calls initiated by the RPC server specified by the binding handle.
RPC_C_STATS_PKTS_IN Number of network packets received by the RPC server specified by the binding handle.
RPC_C_STATS_PKTS_OUT Number of network packets sent by the RPC server specified by the binding handle.

The RPC run-time library allocates memory for the statistics vector. The application is responsible for calling the RpcMgmtStatsVectorFree function to release the memory used by the statistics vector.

The server must be listening for remote procedure calls for this function to succeed. If the server is not listening, the function fails.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps | UWP apps]
Target Platform Windows
Header rpcdce.h (include Rpc.h)
Library Rpcrt4.lib
DLL Rpcrt4.dll

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