RpcObjectSetType function (rpcdce.h)

The RpcObjectSetType function assigns the type of an object.


RPC_STATUS RpcObjectSetType(
  UUID *ObjUuid,
  UUID *TypeUuid



Pointer to an object UUID to associate with the type UUID in the TypeUuid parameter.


Pointer to the type UUID of the ObjUuid parameter.

Specify a parameter value of NULL or a nil UUID to reset the object type to the default association of object UUID/nil-type UUID.

Return value

Value Meaning
The call succeeded.
The object is invalid.
The object is already registered.
The system is out of memory.
Note  For a list of valid error codes, see RPC Return Values.


A server application calls RpcObjectSetType to assign a type UUID to an object UUID. By default, the RPC run-time library automatically assigns all object UUIDs with the nil-type UUID. A server application that contains one implementation of an interface (one manager entry-point vector [EPV]) does not need to call RpcObjectSetType provided that the server registered the interface with the nil-type UUID (see under RpcServerRegisterIf).

A server application that contains multiple implementations of an interface (multiple manager EPVs—that is, multiple type UUIDs) calls RpcObjectSetType once for each different object UUID/non-nil type UUID association the server supports. Associating each object with a type UUID tells the RPC run-time library which manager EPV (interface implementation) to use when the server receives a remote procedure call for a non-nil object UUID.

The RPC run-time library allows an application to set the type for an unlimited number of objects. To remove the association between an object UUID and its type UUID (established by calling RpcObjectSetType), a server calls RpcObjectSetType again, specifying a null value or a nil UUID for the TypeUuid parameter. This resets the object UUID/type UUID association to the default association of object UUID/nil-type UUID. A server cannot assign a type to the nil object UUID. The RPC run-time library automatically assigns the nil object UUID a nil-type UUID.

For detailed information, see Registering Interfaces.


Minimum supported client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header rpcdce.h (include Rpc.h)
Library Rpcrt4.lib
DLL Rpcrt4.dll

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