IAppPublisher interface (shappmgr.h)

Exposes methods for publishing applications through Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. This is the principal interface implemented for this purpose.


The IAppPublisher interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IAppPublisher also has these types of members:


The IAppPublisher interface has these methods.


Creates an enumerator for enumerating all applications published by an application publisher for a given category.

Retrieves a structure listing the categories provided by an application publisher.

Obsolete. Clients of Add/Remove Programs Control Panel Application can return E_NOTIMPL.

Obsolete. Clients of the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel Application may return E_NOTIMPL.


Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel creates a registered publisher object and requests its IAppPublisher interface. You can create published application objects using the application enumerator, which you create using IAppPublisher.

Add/Remove Programs gathers a list of published applications from publishers and then uses a publisher to display these applications with Microsoft Active Directory. When the user clicks Add New Programs in Add/Remove Programs, a list of published applications appears.

You can publish applications in Add/Remove Programs using the following Component Object Model (COM) interfaces.

When you implement these interfaces, you must register your COM object in the registry. To register your publisher, add your object's class identifier (CLSID) under the following registry key.

For example, if your publisher is named "My Publisher", you create a new key under "Publishers" named "My Publisher" with its default REG_SZ value as the publisher's CLSID:

                     My Publisher
                        (Default) = {4D05CD3D-FFED-46bb-B9F1-321C26BE6362}

You can also create the typical COM server registration entries as follows:

         (Default) = Sample Applications Publisher
            (Default) = pubdemo.dll
            ThreadingModel = Apartment

With the publisher registered in this way, Add/Remove Programs creates an instance of your object by calling CoCreateInstance for your object and requesting the appropriate IAppPublisher interface when the Add New Programs view is populated. Using IAppPublisher, Add/Remove Programs retrieves the application enumerator (IEnumPublishedApps) and information that describes the published applications. Your implementation of IPublishedApp is responsible for installing the associated application in its IPublishedApp::Install method. Add/Remove Programs calls this method when the user clicks the Add or the Add Later button in the user interface.


Minimum supported client Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only]
Target Platform Windows
Header shappmgr.h

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